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10+ Best Hosting in 2019 for your Website is essential for your success

What is website hosting services? 

Web host is an organization sells or leases memory space servers. A Web host can also provide data center space and an internet connection for server owned by other. the service provided by a web host is called Web hosting. Website hosting providers are essentially the story-line of online property your site storefront sits. Your site ought to be around the net, and hosting providers will be the landlords who put your website and keep it running so that your customers can get and see it whenever they type in your URL. Today we review of 10+ Best Hosting in 2019 for your Website is essential for your success

Select before Web server or Web hosting company, need an important good domain name for your business, the best domain name is most important for your business. There are various sorts of hosting solutions. Some hosting companies will build your whole site, while some will only provide you with the land and the knife and allows you to cultivate it. Based upon your business model and dimensions, your choice for a hosting company depends on the variables explained below. When you comprehend the system, you will be able to weigh their attributes and choose the best service suitable for your business requirements. How to Select the Best hosting Business?

Without a good internet hosting, your ability to conduct a successful site will be hindered. There’s a dizzying variety of web hosting providers competing for your business. How do you pinpoint the top one? 

Begin by keeping the following points in mind:


The very first thing you have to do when buying a hosting company is to appraise your disc space and bandwidth requirements. If your website features plenty of images, dozens of web pages, and massive quantities of visitors, you are likely to need adequate bandwidth and disc space. Unlimited plans are also accessible, and they make life simpler and easy. If you have a simple website which will not need the massive amount of traffic, then you don’t need huge disk space and bandwidth.


You must keep compatibility at heart, also. With the excitement of searching for a web hosting company, you may overlook one crucial thing: the kind of operating systems they encouraged. You are not likely to need to change operating systems, consequently, double-click this stage before settling for a supplier.


Reliability and accessibility are crucial characteristics to consider when shopping around for web hosting. The ideal web hosting firms provide accessibility levels of 98 and 99%, often known as Up-time. It’s simple to create such claims, however, so be certain that you see whether they make good on their promises.


Safety is also a vital concern. Selecting a web hosting provider without knowing about its own accessible security attributes is a large mistake. Matters like firewalls, daily backups, and user authentication should be contained. Additionally, it is wonderful to get notifications whenever modifications are made as they can alert you of some suspicious activity.

Have a peek at how we select the very best web hosting websites in the market.

The primary ones have been broken down as follows:

Shared Hosting Plan

Shared hosting is Web hosting in which the service provider serves pages for multiple Websites. Your site sits on precisely the exact same server along with a number of different sites, which means you are sharing the host, and some other tools, like memory or CPU. All these are great for basic site needs such as email sending, file sharing, and foundation amount E-commerce websites. Shared hosting is the most economical and therefore smartest alternative for startup or smaller businesses.

VPS Hosting Plan

VPS Hosting is one of several types of web hosting accounts you can Select from to host your website online. A virtual private server is designated to your direct functions, over a shared host. You still might be sharing a genuine server; however, the support produces a virtual host of your own. That means all of the tools are yours from memory to processing power and outside. This can be a safer and far more reliable alternative that retains your website independent from others while still preserving affordability.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

Dedicated hosting is a hosting configuration in which a server is devoted to a single organisation or for a single purpose, such as a website.  Along with getting your own server, dedicated hosting enables you to take whole control on your server. This means you have full administrative access and may put up things the way you enjoy it. This sort of bundle includes an imperial suite of characteristics which might not be required for all kinds of businesses.

WordPress Hosting Plan

WordPress is a shared hosting service which caters to some more technical clientele. The servers themselves are optimized otherwise, and also have attributes which are especially appealing to WordPress functionality such as speed load time, daily backups, pre-installation, safety features that work especially with WordPress, and WordPress upgrades. This is helpful for companies that have sites created on WordPress.

Check out the Best Web Hosting Services in 2019
1. BlueHost: best web hosting ($3.95/month)

There is no denying of the encounter that BlueHost brought into the marketplace. Launched in 1996, they host tens of thousands and millions of sites around the world.

If you are set on or are hosting a website through WordPress, then BlueHost can provide you with a fantastic union of value and functionality (like reliability and speed). Their 24/7 customer service is available if you want any help.

BlueHost Advantages:

Exceeds performance expectations (100% uptime listed over a 30-day interval)

• No limitations on bandwidth

• Free domain added
• No hidden fees with them
• Intuitive UI and control panel
• Useful and specialist live chat answers

BlueHost Disadvantages:

• There are limitations in their T&C’s to their ‘unlimited plans’

• Website transfers price $120 (therefore prepare ahead)

BlueHost Overview:

Price: $2.95/month
Space: 50GB

Unlimited Bandwidth

Average Uptime: 99.96percent

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try BlueHost Now!

2. SiteGround: Best hosting ($3.95/Month)

If you are trying to find a host that’s cheap, rich with features, innovative and supplies world-class functionality statistics, then SiteGround is the ideal option for you.

I have always raved about SiteGround since I began using them back in 2014 because they have blown away the competition. I use them for all my websites and will keep doing so since they’re just the best!

SiteGround frequently gets advocated by other businesses, such as the top CMS platforms such as WordPress.org, Joomla and Drupal.

They’re also voted #1 by many FaceBook groups.

SiteGround Advantages:

• 99.9% uptime guarantee across all pricing programs (or they refund you)
• Live chat service questions are solved 9/10 times in Only One session
• Incredible client service (24/7)
• An option of host places inc Asia, UK, Netherlands and Singapore (this helps for speed)
• All programs provide advanced technology and attributes
• SiteGround’s very own SuperCacher raises the speed of your site
• Free SSL certificates together with all plan selections
• Free Website Transfer on GrowBig & GoGeek Plans

SiteGround Disadvantages:

There is a limitation of 30GB storage together with the GoGeek program

SiteGround Overview:

Price: $3.95/Month

Space: 10GB

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Free SSL & Website Transfer Included

Click here to try SiteGround Now!

3. iPage: Hosting ($1.99/Month)

You get a great deal more for your money than you would believe with iPage.

iPage, for me personally, not only feels just like a reliable and inexpensive hosting company but in addition a reactive, user-friendly tool which permits its’ clients to assemble the entire bundle. If you’re searching for a budget host then search no more.

iPage Advantages:

• Unending bandwidth and storage
• Free domain name included
• Within 100 Euro in extras for only 1.50 Euro a month
• 99.97% uptime in my test site
• 24/7 service
• 1-click installation with Lots of features

iPage Disadvantages:

• Not enough functionality for an e-commerce website
• iPage utilize Vdeck rather than cPanel.

IPage Overview:

Price: 1.50 Euro/Month

Unending Storage

Unlimited Bandwidth

Average Uptime: 99.97percent

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try iPage now!
4. HostGator: Best Web Hosting for Beginners ($2.75/month)

HostGator has really gained a good presence in the internet hosting community for several years.

So far as a web host is a concern, if you would like a reasonable pricing web hosting service which has eCommerce attributes, then HostGator can dish up this on a plate with no fuss in any way. They have taken their decade of expertise and applied it across the board to appeal to some real choice of markets.

HostGator Advantages:

• My evaluations reveal a 99.99% uptime for more than 30 days (they provide a guaranteed 99.9% uptime)
• Support accessible anytime (24/7/365)
• Technical know-how is evident when talking to consultants
• Satisfaction or you get your money back! (45-day money-back guarantee)
• Free SSL certification

HostGator Disadvantages:

• Customer service is not as quickly as other internet hosts
• Not as economical as compared to its rivals

HostGator Overview:

Price: $2.75/month

Space: 100GB

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try HostGator now!
5. GoDaddy: Greatest Host-Webspace ($7.99/month)

If you are not certain where to begin on your hosting journey, then GoDaddy is a fantastic alternative. They supply lots of features to begin, backed up with adequate performance figures, and are not too expensive!

I would highly recommend them for beginners or tiny companies seeking to earn a name for themselves. Their web hosting service seems simple and gives an exceptional user experience.

GoDaddy Hosting Advantages:

• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• Generous money-back guarantees of 45 days if you are not happy with their service.
• Unending bandwidth
• Lots of storage on their lowest plan (100GB! ) )
• High safety measures such as 24/7 monitoring and DDoS security
• Smooth customer help and Simple to Use interface
• Prices available for Windows and Linux users

GoDaddy Hosting Disadvantages:

• Their live assistant is for sales only (not client service)
• They increase cost at renewal

GoDaddy Hosting Overview:

Price: £2.99/month

Space: 10GB

Average Uptime: 99.92percent

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try GoDaddy Hosting now!
6. NameCheap: Shared Hosting ($2.88/Month)

NameCheap services are protected compared to other sellers. They’re among those associates of members of Electronic Frontier Foundation and Fight to the future.org which are tasked with evolving the future of the world wide web independently and safely. This demonstrates that NameCheap includes a strong civilization and are trusted.

Namecheap Hosting Advantages:

  • Namecheap is a well-known company that’s existed for 15yrs.
  • Affordable domains.
  • Support is fantastic quality.
  • Reliable hosting providers
  • Opt for the greatest shared strategy and backup is double daily and also per week.

Namecheap Hosting Disadvantages:

  • 14days cash back guarantee -This is actually the lowest of any provider.
  • Live service rate will depend partially on what plan kind you have.
  • Setting up SSL certificates is hard and frequently needs assistance.

NameCheap Overview:

  • Price:  $2.88/month
  • 20 GB SSD-Accelerated Disk Space
  • 100% uptime guarantee
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Up to 3 websites
  • Very Easy WordPress Setup
Click here to try NameCheap Now!
7. GreenGeeks: Web Server-Internet Host ($2.95/Month)

If you are concerned about your carbon footprint, then GreenGeeks are the go-to eco-friendly hosting company. Very similar to SiteGround, this web host provides many different information center places for you to pick from, in addition to modern technology to host your own website through 2019.

GreenGeeks are not for everybody but they surely strike a wonderful balance between affordability and features. They are a terrific option if you’re only beginning to dip your feet to the eCommerce world but do not necessarily need to pay much.

GreenGeeks Advantages:

• Eco-friendly web host evidenced by 300% renewable energy.
• 10 yrs of hosting expertise
• No hidden charges
• 99.9% uptime guarantee
• Free SSL certificate with every hosting plan
• Free domain registration

GreenGeeks Disadvantages:

• Lacking in client service abilities
• Not many payment currency options

GreenGeeks Overview:

Price: $2.95/Month

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try GreenGeeks now!
8. FatCow: Virtual Host ($49/yr)

Another eco-conscious competition, FatCow boasts more of a lively nature that has been in existence for 20 yrs. For several years FatCow was somewhat stuck in the ’90s but have, of late, upgraded their payment procedures and attributes to deliver themselves up to standards.

From just $49/yr, FatCow (for me) is an excellent competition in the hosting world. If you’re searching for simple yet powerful, I would highly recommend this hosting server to boost your internet presence.

FatCow Advantages:

• Consistent uptime amounts of 99.9% to 99.99% within the Last 6 months
• Unlimited MySQL databases
• Infinite bandwidth and storage
• Renewable energy resources
• Free domain
• Marketing credits upon sign up

FatCow Disadvantages

• Center of the road pricing
• The U.S. focused customer service

FatCow Overview:

Price: $49/yr

Average Uptime: 99.92percent

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try Fatcow Hosting Now!
9. JustHost: free image hosting ($3.95/Month)

If you are not concerned about a nice-looking site and fancy attributes, JustHost supply quality hosting and client support in an easy way. Even though they are not my number one option, I will definitely suggest JustHost in case you need affordable hosting with no frills.

For clients that are searching for a host that can offer a completely free site builder in a fraction of the price of a number of its rivals, JustHost is a strong and dependable alternative.

JustHost Advantages:

• A very good infinite storage space
• Access to their free website builder
• The interface is excellent and easy to use
• It has multiple and popular eCommerce applications
• They also have a friendly support team

JustHost Disadvantages:

• No service or uptime ensures
• Lackluster performance attributes

JustHost Overview:

Price: $3.00/Month

Space: Unlimited Space

Bandwidth: Unlimited Bandwidth

Average Uptime: 99.93percent

Live Chat Response Time: ~18 Seconds

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try JustHost now!
10. Heart Internet: Greatest Reseller Internet Host (£31.49/month)

An award-winning U.K. hosting firm, Heart Internet boast excellent performance and value for money. Regrettably, I did not have the chance to experience their awesome promises, but there has to be some truth behind their promises.

As web hosts move, Heart Internet supply an extremely user-friendly interface, offering novices and pros alike a good place to handle their accounts.

Heart Internet Advantages:

• U.K. data center (good for U.K. based clients)
• 24/7/365 service
• Intuitive control panel
• Free Jetpack plugin with Each WordPress installment
• Website tracking

Heart Internet Disadvantages

• Installation fee in their fundamental plan
• Expensive hosting pricing programs
• Lack of attributes

Heart Internet Overview:

Price: £31.49/month

Space: 5GB

Bandwidth: 30GB/Monthly

Average Uptime: 99.94percent

Live Chat Response Time: ~24 Seconds

30 Day Money-back Guarantee

1 Click WordPress Setup

Click here to try Heart Internet Hosting Now!
11. IONOS (Formerly 1&1): Free domain hosting ($1.00/Month)

1&1 are a firm who actually provide something for everybody. Their tiered hosting plans allow for a whole lot of variety that doesn’t come as a surprise after nearly 30 years in the business. I’d recommend 1&1 to all those of you that are searching for a very low cost, higher performance hosting.

On the reverse side, if you have hosted on a site prior to this time, 1&1 might not be your very best option! 1&1 are all about simplicity, however frequently they could take that idea a little too much, making matters more complex for novices.

1&1 Hosting Advantages:

• Extremely affordable prices from just $1/ month
• Endless web space and sites on the Majority of their plans
• Geo-redundancy tech
• A broad library of FAQs
• Strong Site functionality

1&1 Hosting Disadvantages:

• Extended Customer Care conversations
• Too complex for many users.

Click here to try 1&1 hosting now!

Some Leading Attributes in Regards to Top Hosting Quality

Hosting quality is influenced by a number of things which are important to consider during your decision-making process. A number of the most important factors include:

Uptime warranty

This is among the most essential components to think about, so don’t rely on bandwidth. HostGator has among the greatest uptime guarantees in 99.98%.

Load time

Load time can also be vital. Recent studies reveal that the average attention span has shrunk through the years to bigger compared to that of a goldfish! Consequently, if your site takes even a fall too much time to load a webpage, your business is dead before it has even begun. To maintain yourself in the running, make sure that your hosting service includes a speedy load time. A2Hosting provides a 360ml load period for web pages, the quickest in the business.

Client support
Because a website challenge is not something you should take lightly, you wish to be sure customer support is accessible, knowledgeable, and easy to utilize.


The amount of servers and their place plays a massive role in the rate of your site loading and assistance. Evidently, the servers available, the faster the support, but where these servers are observed on the planet will also alter the quality. Starts looking for servers in large locations near you like the UK, US, or Israel determined by where you are.

The Low Down on Uptimes

If you are looking into hosting, you are going to hear the expression uptime guarantee a good deal. This makes a whole lot of sense considering it’s among the main factors when selecting a service. Uptime, that’s the proportion of time a hosting agency is ready to go, will be ensured by different businesses with a particular proportion of time to become up. That does not mean they’ll surely return to another proportion of their moment, but they are able to state without fail they will be up for at least the period of time.

The main reason that is significant is that you don’t need your website always being unreachable to your clients. Why have a website in any way? A top uptime percentage ensures your viewers can view and interact with your site more frequently. Quality brands such as HostGator and Bluehost provide a more than 99% uptime guarantee, and that is really great for your industry.


As tempting as it might be to opt for a hosting provider immediately and simply get on with your daily life, it is undeniably superior to take your own time. In doing this you will have the ability to get a supplier you can stick to for the long haul. Go ahead and give any of them a trial.